Zubin Mitra becomes Mozilla Campus Ambassador
Amritapuri Campus gets its first Mozilla Campus Ambassador as Zubin gets selected for this coveted post, for his contributions to the open source community. Congrats Zubin!!!

Aditya Rao invited to Mozilla Summit 2010, Canada
A student of S8 CSE and GSoC participant, Aditya Rao got the fabulous opportunity to attend the Mozilla Summit 2010, at Fairmont Chateau Whistler Hotel from 6 – 10 of July, 2010.

Aditya Rao (right most) along with other Mozillians during Mozilla Summit 2010

Six hundred of the most active contributors to Mozilla from 70 different countries were invited for this unique gathering. Aditya has been an active contributor to various open source projects including Open Solaris and Mozilla.

GSoC: Three students selected

Three students from Amritapuri campus get selected to the Google Summer of Code 2010. Varrun Ramani, S8 CSE, got selected to the Amarok project. Zubin Mitra, S6 IT made it into the Python project for working on distutils2, while Aditya Rao, S8 CSE was selected for the Mozilla project. This is the first time that students from Amritapuri campus are applying for GSoC, and they have made it in their very first try itself – a fabulous achievement for the FOSS community at Amrita. A total of 5 students got selected from all the Amrita campuses. All of them have successfully completed their projects.

Porting from rhpl.ethtool to python-ethtool, Feb 2010

Zubin Mitra contributed to Cobbler, by fixing a bug.
Details about Zubin’s contributions …

Extending Python keyring library to distutils, Feb 2010

Zubin Mitra, working under, Tarek Ziade made contributions towards extending the use of Python keyring library to distutils Details about Zubin’s contributions …

Transifex Patches, Feb 2010

Zubin Mitra, an IT student, contributed patches to Transifex, including update entire codebase to PEP-8 andmodify database to accept user login name only; not entire URL 
Details about Zubin’s contributions …

KDE Malayalam Contributions – SMC, Feb 2010

Seshagiri Prabhu, 2nd year Computer Science student, contributed to the localization efforts of Swathanthra Malayalam Computing to include Malayalam in the latest release of KDE 4.4.
The following are from the mail he recieved from Manilal
“kudos to Praveen, Syam & Seshagiri to take Malayalam again to kde-4.4 “
Details about SMC project…

Haiku – BeZilla patches, Feb 2010

Rahul Krishnan, 2nd year Computer Science student contributed to Haiku – BeZilla project patches (user land bugs / patches) including the ones related to : User Interface corrections and standardizing the browser menus. 
Details about Rahul’s contribution to BeZilla …

Sahana-Py, Feb 2010

Sahana is basically a disaster management system. Sahana-Py is a RAD based implementation of the same to help coordinate and organize the disaster management at Haiti. Zubin Mitra, an IT student, made a geolocator module which takes a location and returns its position(long. and lat.). Output is taken to OpenLayers and position is displayed on the map.
Details here…

Student selected for JavaOne 2009 at San Francisco

Avinash Joshi, a final-year B Tech student of Information Technology at the Amritapuri Campus, was chosen as the only student from India to attend the JavaOne 2009 Developer Conference in San Francisco, completely sponsored by Sun Microsystems.

Avinash (second from left), at JavaOne 2009.

See his blog entry on this.

School OS for NCERT

School OS is specially designed for school children by Shyam and Avinash (final year IT student), while interning with SUN, in collaboration with NCERT and IIT Delhi. The School OS is determined to spearhead the rise of open-source in the primary & secondary education system of India. The project was based at Sun Microsystems, Delhi office. They also went to the schools to install and test the operating system.

Contribution to Android – ADC2, 2009

Three students from 2nd year Computer Science, Rahul, Shilpa and Seshagiri, participated in the Android Developer Challenge 2(ADC2). They had made a game of “Tic Tac Toe” that runs on the Android platform. This is now an OpenSource project hosted at google code.
See the blog entry here.

Application porting to Open Solaris

Varun Rao and Adithya, 3rd year Computer Science Engg. students, made contributions to Open Solaris by porting applications. They worked on porting applications like “Parcellite”, which is a clip board manager for Open Solaris.
See his blog entry on this.

First Non Sun employee to contribute to Open HA Cluster

Abhilash, a finaly year student of Computer Science Engg., contributed to a bug fix on Open HA Cluster by someone not employed by Sun!

GlassFish Examples and documentation

Archana N, Computer Science Engg. (2009), made contributions to the Java EE/GlassFish documentation on how to secure the existing EJB converter example from the Java EE tutorial using mutual authentication. It is included along with the original documentation.

Project Directory Listing URL: Implement certificate security in Glassfish
Project Space URL: http://implementsecurity.dev.java.net

The Sun’s Code For Freedom Contest (2007)

Students of Amrita started contributing to opensource with the Code For Freedom 2007 contest organized by Sun Microsystems.

Amrita was conferred the ‘Champion University’ status contributing to 105 bug fixes and enhancements to Opensolaris, Apache Derby and Open Portal.

Ever since students have contributed to documentation projects enhancements and bug fixes.


Our students won the IBM Great minds challenge (TGMC ’07)using open source tools like eclipse and java. Abhilash, Sandeep, Deepthi and Vidya were part of the team that came 5th in TGMC ’07.